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  • Hill Workouts – Great Charlotte Location for Hill Sprints

    Hill Workouts – Great Charlotte Location for Hill Sprints

    According to Runner’s World, hill workouts are one of the greatest ways to improve strength and speed. If you are unfamiliar with hill workouts here are two great articles on the benefits: Hill Training – Brian Mac, Sports Coach Mastering Hill Workouts – Pete Magill, Running Times Looking for a good medium hill in Charlotte […]

  • Leg Toning Exercises

    You probably have heard by now that spot reducing fat is nearly impossible. However, you can target areas that need improvement.  I came across a great blog by Towsend Fitness Systems that shows some effective exercises to produce “Show-Stopping Legs.” 5 Exercises For Show-Stopping Legs

  • Natasha Herting Pre-ING Miami Half Marathon Run

    @ 5:15 p.m. I ran over to meet Natasha at 5th & Poplar; 2 miles from my front door. @ 5:30. We took off southwest…checkout the straight line from E Morehead to Kenilworth… I stopped my watch while in traffic, and never restarted it until Picassos on East…no biggie. After the sun went down the […]

  • Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Tis the season to add a few extra pounds to that lean frame of yours. It happens to everyone, holiday parties, travel, nasty weather; all evils that throw off your routine. There is hope. According to Runners World, just 20 minutes of activity can keep you fit. Short Tempo Run Grab your watch and your […]

  • Summer Running Tips

    Summer running can be quite challenging, as there are so many elements that change the running experience. When the humidity level is high, your body struggles to cool itself. Your body attempts to cool down by pumping blood to the external surface of the body, depleting blood levels in the muscles, internal organs, and the […]

  • Best Butt Exercises

    Running is a lifestyle…with any lifestyle there will be challenges, especially the challenge of dealing with a small butt. First, I would like to state this article is not for everyone, as some runners have great buns, yet others will have a small or no butt at all. Let’s try this first. Stand up and […]

  • Running with bats

    OK, I am going to have to set the tone. On a very quiet morning, 5:00 a.m. to be precise, I took off for a run. Dark clouds crowded the moon light, luckily the route that I had chosen was illuminated by streetlights. The streets of Charlotte are dead at 5:00 a.m., no other cars […]

  • What does a tempo run taste like?

    During my lunch today, I set out to do my first ever tempo run. Actually, over the last few weeks, I should have been doing tempo runs to prepare for my 10K coming up soon (Cooper River Bridge Run)…either way today was my first. For those unfamiliar with a tempo run, I would like to […]

  • Roll your core into shape with The Ab Wheel

    The Ab Wheel, a simple piece of equipment to strengthen the abdominal area. You can find the Ab wheel online or at your local fitness store for under $9.00. This thing has been around for years, yet I rarely see anyone using them. While using the Ab Wheel you engage muscles thought your midsection, erector […]

  • Morning Motivation Starts With Sleep

    The hardest part about any task or exercise is starting. This is especially true when waking up to exercise. When the alarm clock goes off, what is your first thought? It should always be optimistic, think of mentally preparing your body for exercise. Second you should determine if your body is ready for exercise- are […]