Author: Philip

  • Will 2016 Be Different?

    We all look forward to the future. The future gives us hope and a focus to improve our lives. 2015 was an amazing year! My wife and I moved to a new house and welcomed our first child – Penelope Ciccarello. Fatherhood has been a great journey. Every minute is different, and I look forward […]

  • Laura Ciccarello Launches 2015 Collection of Accessories!

    I’m proud to announce my very talented sister, Laura Ciccarello, has launched her spring 2015 collection! Until Friday (2/13), you can receive an exclusive $20 off discount (enter code: LAUNCHVIP) on all pre-orders. Her collection will in in stores soon, please show your support! More about Laura Ciccarello

  • Todd’s First Ironman

    A good friend, Todd Stabenow, is participating in his first Ironman (Chattanooga) this year and raising money for a great cause.   I’m supporting him not only because of our friendship, he is also putting up a $1,500 4-night stay in Charleston to one lucky winner. Every $30 donation gives you an entry where you have no worse than a […]

  • Hill Workouts – Great Charlotte Location for Hill Sprints

    Hill Workouts – Great Charlotte Location for Hill Sprints

    According to Runner’s World, hill workouts are one of the greatest ways to improve strength and speed. If you are unfamiliar with hill workouts here are two great articles on the benefits: Hill Training – Brian Mac, Sports Coach Mastering Hill Workouts – Pete Magill, Running Times Looking for a good medium hill in Charlotte […]

  • 2014 Race Calendar

    Below is my 2014 tentative race calendar. Provided I stay injury free, the following are on my radar with New York City Marathon confirmed. Charleston Half-Marathon (Jan 18) 1:18:45 (New Half-Marathon PR, 2nd overall) BB&T Corp Cup Team 5K (Mar 8) 17:31 (3rd overall) Charlotte 10 Miler (Mar 23) 17:15 (New 10 Mile PR, 1st overall) Know Your Craft […]

  • Exercise can reorganize the brain and boost your willpower

    Exercise is not only good for the body, your brain also benefits. via^buffer Sure, exercise is good for your body, but what about your brain? Well apparently there’s a link between exercise and mental alertness, in a similar way that happiness and exercise are related. A lifetime of exercise can result in a sometimes astonishing elevation in cognitive performance, […]

  • Gateway Outer Banks (OBX) Marathon

    Today marks 6 days since running the 2013 Gateway Outer Banks Marathon. Since this was a PR marathon for me, I would like to provide a short report on the course and experience. Outer Banks (OBX) Marathon offers beauty, history, and pockets of sincere crowd support. This year the race was capped at 2,500 runners; […]

  • Leg Toning Exercises

    You probably have heard by now that spot reducing fat is nearly impossible. However, you can target areas that need improvement.  I came across a great blog by Towsend Fitness Systems that shows some effective exercises to produce “Show-Stopping Legs.” 5 Exercises For Show-Stopping Legs

  • I’m Back Baby, I’m Back!

      It’s been two months since my last track workout. I’m proud to report this morning, I am officially back! My stress fracture recovery has gone well. Over the last couple weeks, I have only ran three times week, ranging anywhere from 2-8 miles. Additionally, I have continued swimming, biking and bodyweight exercises to keep […]

  • Happy National Running Day!

    Today is National Running Day June 5, 2013 National Running Day is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and I encourage you to invite a friend or organize a group run to support running. This morning starting from the Dowd YMCA, I was joined by Chad and Danielle Crockford, Bill Shires and Hanna who just moved to […]