As a kid I was always really active in sports, especially soccer. Most of my inspiration to be an athlete came from my dad. My dad was not a runner, yet for an endurance test he started running the Virginia10 Miller when I was 11 years old. The next year I ran the race with him and finished.

During my teen years I ran cross country, track, continued running the Virginia 10 Miler, lifted weights, but was never fast enough to receive any scholarships. During college weight lifting was more my style, and I fell behind on running. Don’t get me wrong,  I still did some occasional short runs, just nothing like the previous years. It was not until after college that I really started getting back into the grove of running. Since then, I have worked to improve my times though personal training programs.

Currently my wife and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. When not running or working out I enjoy live music, investing, cooking, networking and outdoors activities. If you are interested in catching up for a run or a cup of coffee, send me a Tweet, or email cicc@wow.com