Aerobic Fitness Measurement: VO2Max

VO2 Max Chart

Appalachian State University is conducting a running  study via the North Carolina Research Campus Human Performance Laboratory. I voluntarily signed up for the test with a couple other friends and today was the baseline appointment. Baseline included a VO2Max test, BOD POD body composition, stool and blood sample.

This was my first VO2max test which came in at 67.2, along with a max heart rate of 185 BPM. According to the VO2Max norms, for my age, I am just shy of Olympic (70+).

My body fat percentage was a lot higher then predicted. At the weight of 147.7lbs and a height of 69.3 inches, my true body fat was 11.1% according to the test. I hope training and a strict diet will push this number down over the next months.

My friend Ras during his VO2 Max Test


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  1. Even fat distribution, or the test was wrong 🙂 Thanks for the props, they said the best way to improve VO2Max is hill sprints. Ugh!

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