Stay Fit Through the Holidays!

Christmas is a challenging time of the year for physical activity. Not only is the cold weather a motivation killer, parties, food, fellowship and shopping deflate any extra free time. Should we put our feet up until New Years, or try to maintain a base through the holidays?

Don’t be lazy, here are a couple tips to help you maintain a base-

1. Partner in crime
Schedule a morning workout, afternoon run, or mid-day walk with a friend. Don’t break the commitment, rely on one another to get some physical activity in together.

2. Pack the right gear
Traveling for the holidays? Pack running/athletic shoes and proper exercise clothing. It’s hard to exercise without the right attire.

3. Be realistic
Instead of setting a certain number of miles, try to run twice a week. Gym closed for the holidays? Use YouTube to find some at home exercises, you may even learn something new…

4. Offer to be the DD (Designated Driver)
How great does it feel to wake up refreshed and hydrated? Instead of boozing, offer to drive someone else, this guarantees a good night sleep and a fresh start.

When the going gets though, think about the edge you will have on the competition come January 1st!

Photo credit: hvhe1

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