Natasha Herting Pre-ING Miami Half Marathon Run

@ 5:15 p.m. I ran over to meet Natasha at 5th & Poplar; 2 miles from my front door. @ 5:30. We took off southwest…checkout the straight line from E Morehead to Kenilworth… I stopped my watch while in traffic, and never restarted it until Picassos on East…no biggie. After the sun went down the temperature dropped considerably. At this point we were trotting on the park grass planning our route back. On East Blvd we witnessed a three car pileup, ouch. After a slight run down the middle of Euclid, we were back on Morehead, oh yeah! Right before the Dowd Y, I turned in for my finish…Natasha had .5 to go 🙂

Overall great run. Thanks Natasha, best wishes in the ING Miami Half Marathon on Sunday!

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