Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon Runners

With Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon 2010 – Amica Insurance Half Marathon in the books, I wanted to congratulate a few friends that are runners in Charlotte; these runners are also active on Twitter, so follow them for updates.

Jordan Kinley – Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon 2010 – image by

Jordan Kinley captured 1st place in the full marathon again this year, with an impressive time of 2:24:46 (5 minutes faster than last year). If you do the math, that’s a 5:32 pace for 26.2 miles. Keep up with Jordan @jokin359 or

Jennifer Decurtins achieved a personal record (PR), with a time of 1:52:12. @jdecurtins has improved with each race and blogs regularly

Seth Wyatt crushed his first half marathon with a time of 1:57:34. @sethjwyatt also told me this was his first road race…those results are pretty amazing if you ask me.

Heather Murphy ran a great race with a time of 2:11:00. While not running @hlmurphy works in web design and mixed-media, checkout her out

Melissa Lamkin also ran her first half marathon with a solid time of 2:15:42. @MelissaLamkin is an active runner in Charlotte and I predict more long distance races in her future.

Ward Gibson & Philip Ciccarello Mile 12.5

Ward Gibson who teaches athletic conditioning at the Dowd Y, and is very active in the social media scene, completed the half marathon with a time of 2:15:49. Next year, Ward is running Myrtle Beach half and a handful of other races. @wardgibson or @fitnesschamp

Mary Catherine Dolphens was very pleased with her time of 2:18:00. @MCDolphens future contains more half’s and a possible full in 2011.

Genevieve Jooste ran her first half marathon in 2:20:37, which is awesome. @GenevieveJooste may have been bit by the running bug, and will be running more races in 2011.

Richard Groves cruised in with a time of 2:26:56, not too bad when you consider the fact that @englishinvader had a cold.

Brian Francis completed the half marathon in 2:42:49, running is growing on @BrianDFrancis according to this tweet, yet I expect to see him doing many more races in 2011.

Even though these next few runners are not on Twitter, I would like to give them a special shout out for their achievements yesterday:

Marathon – Billy Shue 2:41:18 5th place overall
Marathon – Kevin Ballantine 3:04:10 1st marathon
Marathon – Rasmus Pedersen 3:33:23 12th marathon
Half Marathon – Dana Scofield 1:49:28 PR
Half Marathon – Tony Jabon 1:49:49 10 seconds away from a new PR

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  1. Philip – thank you so much for including me in your post! I loved Saturday’s race and it was great seeing so many people out on the course! I look forward to participating in this race for many years to come – and hopefully breaking 1:50 for my next half. Should have paced with you! 😉

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