36th Annual Virginia 10 Miler

It’s that time of year again! Over the last decade, my family and I have participated in the Virginia 10 Miler, held in Lynchburg, Virginia. This is not your average 10 mile race. Take a look at the race map, and you will see there are some gruesome hills.

Virginia 10 Miler Course Elevation Map
Virginia 10 Miler Course Elevation Map

The first time I ran the race was in 1994 with my father. The following year, my sister and mom joined in. Over the next five years, we all participated together. During my first year of college (2001), I went on a running hiatus and missed two years of the race. I returned in 2003, and have been running ever since. After my sister went to college (2002), she abandoned running completely, but still has some awesome times under her belt. My mom has scaled back to the 4 Miler, but still enthusiastically signs up each year to stay consistent.

Neither of my parents are serious runners, but they are in great shape. About a month before the race, I always ask, “So, how’s training for the 10 Miler going?” Of course I get the same reply, “Yeah, we have been working out.”

Here is a 2008 picture of my mom (Jeanette Ciccarello), dad (Anthony Ciccarello), and me (Philip Ciccarello) – Post-run.

Virginia 10 Miler 2008 - Family Picture
Virginia 10 Miler 2008 – Family Picture

This year there are over 1700 people registered for the 10 & 4 Miler, the largest participating group yet! I can’t wait to get back to my hometown, and run some hills.


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