Time for a new pair of shoes

Well it’s that time of the year again…After my run today, my legs and knees felt sorer than normal. This has occurred after my last couple of long runs. Every 300 miles, or end of summer, I purchase the next version of ASICS Gel-Nimbus running shoes. This year I was excited to get my hands on the next version of Nimbus’, but I am having a hard time deciding on upgrading (Gel-Nimbus 11) or sticking with last year’s model (Gel-Nimbus 10).

I went to my favorite shoe website Zappos.com, and read some reviews on the 11’s. Nothing I read was really positive, so I searched the web, and found more mixed reviews on Runningshoesguru.com. Amazon.com did have some positive reviews, but only from people that switched from other brands. I did finally get some answers on Dr. Jenny Sanders Shoe Blog, but I am still not convinced. Eastbay.com has the 10’s on sale, and with a race coming up on the 26th, I need to make a decision fast.

What gives ASICS? Can anyone else out there share their experiences with the new Gel-Nimbus 11?

To prove that I have been a true Nimbus fan, here is a lineup of my current 10’s and older 9’s and 8’s.

Nimbus 10-9-8


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