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Summer Running Tips

Photo by Kajatl
Photo by Kajatl

Summer running can be quite challenging, as there are so many elements that change the running experience.

When the humidity level is high, your body struggles to cool itself. Your body attempts to cool down by pumping blood to the external surface of the body, depleting blood levels in the muscles, internal organs, and the brain.

Stay hydrated- drink water hours before your run to ensure proper hydration. Did you know that when you start to feel thirsty, it’s more than likely you are in the early stages of dehydration? If you are planning a long run, be sure to know your water stops, and if necessary, place water along your route the night before. Additional options could be in the form of the notorious water bottle belt (grenades) or a hand-held sports water bottle.

What I like to do is take a half bottle of water, put the cap on snug, squeeze within my hand until most of the air is out, and then cap it.

Avoid the sun. Of course, this is tough to do, yet too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. Find the shade; schedule your runs before the sun rises or map out a nice shady course. If shade is not an option, always wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

Do not let the heat be an excuse to skip a run. Training in extreme elements (once a week) is a great way to gain an edge on your competition. Be safe and get out there.

Upgrade Your Running Gear

With summer right around the corner (and fall marathon training season approaching), have you thought about upgrading your running gear? Here are a couple to consider*

Garmin Forerunner 110 ($199) Forget your average watch, strap on the 110 and your runs will magically become more fun. Actively view your distance, time, pace, and mile splits all from a device the size of a watch, unlike (the 310XT and 405).
Running Insoles ($19.99) Pain in your knees or feet during or after running? More than likely your legs need more cushion, the solution- a great pair or running insoles. Visit your local running store to get properly fitted, and then find an insole to match your foot.
Road ID ($29.99) When out for a run, you should always have some identification, the Road ID does just that. With a minimalistic band, all of your emergency information can be easily found, just in case.
Asics Elite Run Cap ($25.00) Shade your race with the ultimate running cap. Advanced fit, super lightweight, and microfibers for enhanced breathability will keep your head cool during those hot runs.
GU Roctane Energy Gel ($2.50) Go longer with a blend of complex and simplex cards for extreme power production, electrolytes, and caffeine.

*Items are personal recommendation, I am no way affiliated with any of the following companies.