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Stress Fracture – Ugh!

Stress fracture is visible on my 4th metatarsal Stress fracture is visible on my 4th metatarsal

Ok, I guess it could have happened at a worse time, but right in the middle of my Tuesday speed workout (400m sprints) I felt a sharp pain develop near the top of my right foot. Each step became more painful, forcing me to stop after the 5th set and limp home.

Two days later I went for an x-ray, and sure enough there were signs of a stress fracture. Overuse was theĀ culpritĀ – two weeks leading up to the injury I participated in an extensive running study, ran on numerous surfaces, and substantially increased my volume before running two races.

No running for 4-6 weeks, however the doctor did clear me for road biking and swimming.

Have you ever had a stress fracture?

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