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2012 – 24 Hours of Booty Thank You!

24 Hours of Booty Promenade Center for Dentistry Team -2011 - Left to right - Rasmus Pedersen, Philip Ciccarello, Chris McCain

I am honored to announce through the support of friends and family, I have surpassed my fundraising goal for this year’s 24 Hours of Booty cycling event!!

This will be my second year participating in 24 Hours of Booty, a 24-hour cycling event that raises money for national and local cancer initiatives. The plan is to ride 150 miles during the 24 hour period starting Friday, 7/27 @ 7:00p.m.. If you are looking for something fun to do in Charlotte Friday night, consider cheering the participants on. Here is the official map of the Booty Loop.

If you have not already donated, please contribute to my campaign or the Promenade Center for Dentistry Team!

Chris McCain (Team captain) http://goo.gl/6ikLW
Rasmus Pedersen http://goo.gl/8WcB7
Philip Ciccarello http://goo.gl/0KlEV
Jeff Blair http://goo.gl/TRHzm

Cancer touches the lives of so many people, thank you everyone that donated!!


Natasha Herting Pre-ING Miami Half Marathon Run

@ 5:15 p.m. I ran over to meet Natasha at 5th & Poplar; 2 miles from my front door. @ 5:30. We took off southwest…checkout the straight line from E Morehead to Kenilworth… I stopped my watch while in traffic, and never restarted it until Picassos on East…no biggie. After the sun went down the temperature dropped considerably. At this point we were trotting on the park grass planning our route back. On East Blvd we witnessed a three car pileup, ouch. After a slight run down the middle of Euclid, we were back on Morehead, oh yeah! Right before the Dowd Y, I turned in for my finish…Natasha had .5 to go 🙂

Overall great run. Thanks Natasha, best wishes in the ING Miami Half Marathon on Sunday!

Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon Runners

With Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon 2010 – Amica Insurance Half Marathon in the books, I wanted to congratulate a few friends that are runners in Charlotte; these runners are also active on Twitter, so follow them for updates.

Jordan Kinley - Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon 2010 - image by troyleeimages.com

Jordan Kinley captured 1st place in the full marathon again this year, with an impressive time of 2:24:46 (5 minutes faster than last year). If you do the math, that’s a 5:32 pace for 26.2 miles. Keep up with Jordan @jokin359 or http://okrunner.blogspot.com

Jennifer Decurtins achieved a personal record (PR), with a time of 1:52:12. @jdecurtins has improved with each race and blogs regularly http://www.peanutbutterrunner.com

Seth Wyatt crushed his first half marathon with a time of 1:57:34. @sethjwyatt also told me this was his first road race…those results are pretty amazing if you ask me.

Heather Murphy ran a great race with a time of 2:11:00. While not running @hlmurphy works in web design and mixed-media, checkout her out http://www.heatherlmurphy.com/

Melissa Lamkin also ran her first half marathon with a solid time of 2:15:42. @MelissaLamkin is an active runner in Charlotte and I predict more long distance races in her future.

Ward Gibson & Philip Ciccarello Mile 12.5

Ward Gibson who teaches athletic conditioning at the Dowd Y, and is very active in the social media scene, completed the half marathon with a time of 2:15:49. Next year, Ward is running Myrtle Beach half and a handful of other races. @wardgibson or @fitnesschamp http://www.thefitnesschamp.com/

Mary Catherine Dolphens was very pleased with her time of 2:18:00. @MCDolphens future contains more half’s and a possible full in 2011.

Genevieve Jooste ran her first half marathon in 2:20:37, which is awesome. @GenevieveJooste may have been bit by the running bug, and will be running more races in 2011. http://genevievejooste.com/

Richard Groves cruised in with a time of 2:26:56, not too bad when you consider the fact that @englishinvader had a cold.

Brian Francis completed the half marathon in 2:42:49, running is growing on @BrianDFrancis according to this tweet, yet I expect to see him doing many more races in 2011.

Even though these next few runners are not on Twitter, I would like to give them a special shout out for their achievements yesterday:

Marathon – Billy Shue 2:41:18 5th place overall
Marathon – Kevin Ballantine 3:04:10 1st marathon
Marathon – Rasmus Pedersen 3:33:23 12th marathon
Half Marathon – Dana Scofield 1:49:28 PR
Half Marathon – Tony Jabon 1:49:49 10 seconds away from a new PR

POST Marathon Reflection

13942_206696601191_533271191_2944757_3212058_nWith my first marathon in the bag, I wanted to do a brief reflection on my experience. Running 26.2 miles was amazing. The course was a great tour through Charlotte, and everything was organized very well. During the marathon I had great support from many friends, plus locals that came out to support the runners. Below are a few things that I will remember for next time…

1. Start out slower. My first 13.1 mile split was 1:37, and my finishing time was 3:34. The last half of the race I slowed down considerably. At mile 18 and mile 23, I had to stop and stretch due to leg cramps.

2. Stretch more before the start. Yes, I am guilty of not stretching before the race. I did go for a 10 minute jig-jog, and when I got back to stretch it was too close to the start, so I just lined up.

3. Better diet. The night before the marathon I ate a few pancakes and a couple pieces of bread. The morning of the marathon I ate a banana with half a bagel. Next marathon I will eat a bit more food to ensure extra calories are stored.

I wanted to extend a special thanks first to my wife Adrienne. She provided amazing support and dealt with my training program / diet for the last 4 months. Second, my parents who made the 5 hour drive to run in the 5k, and support me at the finish. Third I would like to thank the local Charlotte Running community for all the tips and support prior and during the marathon; especially Tony Jabon, Shelby Harrington, Ieva M. Augstums, Kristen Rigby, and Rasmus Eger Pedersen – thank you!


Marathon Ready

Well it’s officially 3 days before my first Marathon (Charlotte Thunder Road, Dec 12th). There is a lot going through my mind right now. I am going to sum up the feeling as anxiety & nervousness mixed with confidence. Over the past 4 months I have stuck to a strict intermediate I Marathon Training Program, provided by Hal Higdon- yet I still feel that I could be more prepared.

Workouts have been very light this week to continue tapering and avoid lactic acid build up.

Monday – Shoulders/core

Tuesday – 3 miles/stretch

Wednesday – 3 miles/stretch/core/light back

Thursday– Rest

Friday– 1 mile run/stretch

Saturday– *Marathon*

My legs feel ok, with the exception of my left quadricep and achilles, which I injured running in the mountains Thanksgiving morning. Today I actually went to a sport therapist for any relief prior to Saturday. Work was done in the area that was causing the pain (massage, electrotherapy) and kinesio tape was applied for comfort and stability.

Kinesio Tape
Kinesio Tape

Meals have been consistent with a normal week before a race.


Breakfast- Oatmeal peanut butter

Snack- Half a pomegranate

Lunch – Chicken & rice

Snack – Orange

Dinner-Pepperoni pizza (yes 5 slices)


Breakfast- Cheerios and milk

Snack- Nuts & apple

Lunch- Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Snack- Brownie

Dinner- Blackened chicken pasta with asparagus


Breakfast- 3 slices of French bread & butter

Snack- Nuts & blackberries

Lunch- Leftover blacken chicken pasta & asparagus

Snack- Brownie

Dinner- Lobster pasta with vodka sauce

Thursday – ?

Friday – ? But pancakes for dinner

Sound sleep is key tonight and Friday, so I am cutting this short.