Category: Technique

  • Aerobic Fitness Measurement: VO2Max

    Appalachian State University is conducting a running  study via the North Carolina Research Campus Human Performance Laboratory. I voluntarily signed up for the test with a couple other friends and today was the baseline appointment. Baseline included a VO2Max test, BOD POD body composition, stool and blood sample. This was my first VO2max test which came […]

  • Goals

      Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Of course you did, everyone does. Have you fulfilled your resolution or goal? If not, your goal might have been too vague. Let’s break down an example: lose weight.  Sounds simple right? If this was your goal, 9 times out of 10 you would fail. The reason– […]

  • Steps per minute

    What is the ideal number of steps per minute, regardless of your pace? The correct answer is 180 steps. Proper running form makes you a more efficient runner. Not only will your turnover improve, but your landing shock will decrease, causing less damage to your legs. Next time you are out running, try this simple […]

  • Best Butt Exercises

    Running is a lifestyle…with any lifestyle there will be challenges, especially the challenge of dealing with a small butt. First, I would like to state this article is not for everyone, as some runners have great buns, yet others will have a small or no butt at all. Let’s try this first. Stand up and […]

  • Running with your slow friend

    Your friend asks if you want to go on a run…you balk with some excuse, when the true reason is they are just a slower runner. Here are three approaches to help you deal: Truth Lie Compromise Let’s start out with the easiest, the truth. Be perfectly honest, explain that you are training for a […]

  • Sidewalks are for Walkers!

    With 2009 almost over- I am approaching a total of 500 miles for the year, which I should surpass in the next few weeks. 70% of those miles have been run on the road (asphalt), not sidewalks (concrete). Running safely on asphalt is a challenge. Depending on where you live, there is always traffic, a […]

  • Run with your arms!

    This morning I was out doing a light run. The rain was coming down and the temperature lingered around 48 degrees. During times like this I slow down and take in the scenery; plus today was a light run before my long run tomorrow. Other runners were out braving the conditions, especially ones that had […]