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Feetures socks review

Feetures! Elite Ultra-Light Low Cut
Feetures! Elite Ultra-Light Low Cut

Feetures! Performance Socks- have you heard of this brand? Well, I had the opportunity to demo a few pairs and want to give you the skinny. Before the details, I would like to thank @Feetures for the socks and @NathanRichie for the connection.

Fit: Snug –  bands of Lycra® hug your entire foot for maximum support. Supportive fit eliminates movement to prevent blisters, they are very snug! Take ample time to adjust the sock to contour your foot, again they are snug.

Moisture: Dry – these socks have something called iWick; synthetic moisture managing fibers that remove moisture up to 4X faster than traditional performance polyester fibers. My last few test runs have been dry…it will be interesting to see how these work during brutal summer runs.

Feel: Dense – there is a high number of stitches per square inch, the result is a strong cushion under your feet. Natural fibers include Merino wool and rayon from Bamboo- the fiber combination helps regulate body temp, while preventing odors and removing moisture. There was a slickness feel to these socks…not against the foot, but against the shoe. I expect this feeling to subside after a few washes.

Toes: Comfortable – “Perfect Toe” technology was developed by Feetures to create a seam-free toe closure. This gives you a smooth interior and exterior stitching around the toe area. Most socks with a seam will add an extra layer of material, resulting in blisters or discomfort depending on toe structure.

It will take more than a few runs to understand how well these socks are working. So far, they have been a great fit and I look forward to continued enjoyment.


Asics Gel-Speedstar 4 Review

Asics Gel Speedstar-4
Asics Gel Speedstar-4

Over the last few years, my mid-long distance race shoe has been the Asics Gel Nimbus. As the fall marathon season approaches, I decided to break conformity and find a lighter/faster distance shoe. I read a lot of good things about the Speedstar-4’s, and decided to buy a pair as had the Speedstar’s on sale for $64.97; $20 cheaper than MSRP.

To accurately get a feel for the shoe at the appropriate distance, I took them out for 10 miles this morning. Instantly, I could tell the shoes were much lighter 9.0 oz (size 10) yet very soft on landing. Since these shoes were so cushiony, it felt as if I was bouncing around…after a few miles I was able to adjust my stride back to a more bio-mechanically-efficient gait. This was expected as there is less support built into performance shoes.

The toe box was very roomy, allowing for good flexibility through mid-stance and propulsion phase. With all the open mesh, your feet stay cool and dry. Asymmetrical lacing contours to your foot shape, allowing for a snug fit. Asics did go a great job on color scheme. Flame/Black with the distinctive Asics logo in silver, these shoes also have a black stripes with specs on color as a finishing touch.

Final words: The Speedstar’s are for a limited group of runners. If you suffer from overpronation beware, as these shoes will not give you the motion control you need. Additionally, the Speedstar is a very soft shoe, be prepared to feel the road.  They will not replace my everyday Gel Nimbus as trainers, as there is just not enough support.


Upgrade Your Running Gear

With summer right around the corner (and fall marathon training season approaching), have you thought about upgrading your running gear? Here are a couple to consider*

Garmin Forerunner 110 ($199) Forget your average watch, strap on the 110 and your runs will magically become more fun. Actively view your distance, time, pace, and mile splits all from a device the size of a watch, unlike (the 310XT and 405).
Running Insoles ($19.99) Pain in your knees or feet during or after running? More than likely your legs need more cushion, the solution- a great pair or running insoles. Visit your local running store to get properly fitted, and then find an insole to match your foot.
Road ID ($29.99) When out for a run, you should always have some identification, the Road ID does just that. With a minimalistic band, all of your emergency information can be easily found, just in case.
Asics Elite Run Cap ($25.00) Shade your race with the ultimate running cap. Advanced fit, super lightweight, and microfibers for enhanced breathability will keep your head cool during those hot runs.
GU Roctane Energy Gel ($2.50) Go longer with a blend of complex and simplex cards for extreme power production, electrolytes, and caffeine.

*Items are personal recommendation, I am no way affiliated with any of the following companies.