I’m Back Baby, I’m Back!


It’s been two months since my last track workout. I’m proud to report this morning, I am officially back!

My stress fracture recovery has gone well. Over the last couple weeks, I have only ran three times week, ranging anywhere from 2-8 miles. Additionally, I have continued swimming, biking and bodyweight exercises to keep my cardiovascular system in check.

I’ll admit it, last night and this morning I was nervous about picking up hard running again. Everyone’s positive energy and words gave me great encouragement on the way to the speed loop. It’s amazing how working out with a group can make all the difference.

Special thanks to Caitlin Bullock, Laurie Sturgell Knowles, David Willis, Charlie Kishman, Caleb Boyd, Matt Jaskot, Jesse Mcentire and Ryan Crosswell for the support this morning.


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