Upgrade Your Running Gear

With summer right around the corner (and fall marathon training season approaching), have you thought about upgrading your running gear? Here are a couple to consider*

Garmin Forerunner 110 ($199) Forget your average watch, strap on the 110 and your runs will magically become more fun. Actively view your distance, time, pace, and mile splits all from a device the size of a watch, unlike (the 310XT and 405).
Running Insoles ($19.99) Pain in your knees or feet during or after running? More than likely your legs need more cushion, the solution- a great pair or running insoles. Visit your local running store to get properly fitted, and then find an insole to match your foot.
Road ID ($29.99) When out for a run, you should always have some identification, the Road ID does just that. With a minimalistic band, all of your emergency information can be easily found, just in case.
Asics Elite Run Cap ($25.00) Shade your race with the ultimate running cap. Advanced fit, super lightweight, and microfibers for enhanced breathability will keep your head cool during those hot runs.
GU Roctane Energy Gel ($2.50) Go longer with a blend of complex and simplex cards for extreme power production, electrolytes, and caffeine.

*Items are personal recommendation, I am no way affiliated with any of the following companies.

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