Best Butt Exercises

Running is a lifestyle…with any lifestyle there will be challenges, especially the challenge of dealing with a small butt. First, I would like to state this article is not for everyone, as some runners have great buns, yet others will have a small or no butt at all. Let’s try this first. Stand up and checkout your butt, take a good look…are you happy with it? Your answer is probably no, don’t worry there is hope.

This will be a two-part blog. The first part will focus on the butt muscles how to enhance shape and gain strength. The second part will focus on the right active wear and jeans to make your butt look the best (still in progress).

The butt is composed of 3 main muscles:

Gluteus maximus –  The largest and most predominate of the three muscles, responsible for hip extension, or moving your thigh to the rear

Gluteus medius – Second largest gluteus muscle, serves as an abductor (lateral movement)

Gluteus minimus – Smallest gluteus muscles, responsible for balance (supporting the body while on one limb)

Remember, the gluteus muscle fibers do not run vertically, instead they wrap around the bone, almost at a 45 degree angle.

There are a bunch of exercises that target the gluetus muscles. Here are the top three which will yield the greatest results:
Intermediate Lunge
Quadruped Hip Extensions

One Leg Squat Exercise – These are tough…

Want more information? Checkout Glutes to the Max, a study published by The American Council of Exercise focusing on the most effective gluteus exercises.

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