Running with your slow friend

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Your friend asks if you want to go on a run…you balk with some excuse, when the true reason is they are just a slower runner. Here are three approaches to help you deal:




Let’s start out with the easiest, the truth. Be perfectly honest, explain that you are training for a race. This will take the pressure off, as your friend will understand that you are a stronger runner, going for fast mile splits or a quick tempo runs. Or, if they do not get the hint, just tell them you plan on running at a fast pace today and you do not want to make them uncomfortable- a good friend will understand.

Why lie to your friend? Not only is lying to your friend not cool, but it could create a bad relationship plus invoke some bad-karma, like an injury in your future.

My favorite, the compromise. Ok, you plan on doing 10 miles, your friend asks you to do 3 miles (at a slower pace), what do you do? Run 10 miles, then do a nice and easy recovery run with your friend. Miles accomplished, plus you ran with a friend, and gained a few miles. Another solution is to schedule your slower friend runs on your recovery days. Slower pace + miles + friend = great run!!



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